Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to be Fearless

The Joy of Living Dangerously

By Osho

“Life goes on moving with a thousand and one uncertainties. That’s freedom. Don’t call it insecurity.”


Why is it that whenever you try something new or go through a change, it’s natural to run the other way in fear. We all feel fear, but only cowards listen to their fears. The brave push through it. The more often you meet fear head on, the easier it is to see it for what it is: an illusion. This book teaches the importance of living in insecurity and loving life to the fullest because to live in security is to live in a prison.

What is Courage? Risking the known for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar, the comfortable for the uncomfortable.

Following rules imposed on you keeps you from being your authentic self. Osho states that rules are made by those who wish to rule over you. The courage to stay on your path means you will fall at times, but if your goal is behind a door you have to knock down a lot of doors before you find the right one.

Keep making mistakes as long as you make each mistake only once. Learn how to live by living life. Osho describes the importance of disregarding bullsh*t rules that are ready made (The 10 commandments for example). The problem with that is that life is always changing. The world is constantly changing. Cowards who are too afraid to live life, love these set rules because that means they don’t have to learn by living life.

Maturity of the Mind is: “looking at life without questions and simply diving into it with courage”

-The Courage of Love

Just as darkness is the absence of light, fear is the absence of love. Most of us in the English speaking world equate love with sex or with some weak emotion. But loving life, loving the world, or loving others cancels out fear.

Osho says, “The more you love, the more you become lovable. The less you love and the more you demand that others should love you.”

The key is to get rid of the belief that you deserve everything without giving anything. Many of us (and I’m guilty of this) walk around mean mugging and get mad when no one reaches out to us. Then the social anxiety increases. I wish I could have learned how to gain courage through self-love years ago, but I am thankful that I’m learning this now.

Take Yourself Out of the Crowd

When you are alone you become your true self. When we are in crowds we become fake.

Osho says, “Just be what you are and don’t care a bit about the world.”

Be yourself despite the fact that society constantly tells you how to “behave.” Society tells you how to dress, how to talk, how to fit in. The moment you expressed yourself when you were a kid, a parent or teacher slapped you down. Instances like that create fear whenever you begin to express yourself.

Osho talks about having your “original face” Live according to your true nature.

The Joy of Living Dangerously

Live in insecurity. To live comfortably is just waiting to die. Yet people trying to live in safety and security act as though they can live forever if they are careful. A prisoner’s life is secure. Seeking security and familiarity is to live like a prisoner.

When people try to take control of their spouse or children, they create security. They let fear of loss control them while silently killing the relationship. There is no person on earth that you own or possess.

To fear life’s storms is to fear personal growth. Comfort makes us soft. People with zero problems life in graveyards. The man or woman that meets a challenge head on grows and gains inner strength.

 Marshall Mathers’ poverty and desperation made him rap with an edge that no one else had. Crazy Horse fought harder than any other Lakota because he believed that he was destined to die in battle. Adversity stretches us even though it hurts.

In Search of Fearlessness

Fearlessness is not repressing your fear, it’s embracing it. Look at you fear and see what an illusion it is.

Kill the ego because it feeds on fear. When I worry about being judged or what others think of me, that’s just my ego seeking approval from others rather than gaining approval from within.

“People full of fear make others afraid so they can rest at ease.”

Just as people who are against their sexual urges often turn out to be perverts, those who are against fear are actually afraid.


To love yourself will cause others to love you. Being full of love kills fear and keeps you from comparing yourself to others. Comparisons feed the ego and the ego feeds your fears. Love yourself from the depths of your heart and kill that fear until it actually dies. Run at the fear and it then you will see how weak it truly is.

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