Saturday, September 24, 2016

Be the Master of Your Fate

Based On:

Think and Grow Rich


Napoleon Hill

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”
-William Henley

The power of the mind and the power of one’s thoughts control his or her reality. Negative self-talk is self destruction disguised as humility. When this book was written in was 1937, the Great Depression was in full effect. Americans had a poverty mentality. Their thoughts became reality. Napoleon Hill told his generation that if they changed their attitude, their lives would change for the better.

Cut all sources of retreat. If a person has no other option except to achieve their goals, then their focus remains on their mission only. Modern culture tells you “Have a backup plan.” But I like what people like Curtis Jackson say, “Get rich or die trying.” Napoleon Hill describes the concept of DEFINITENESS of PURPOSE. In other words, know what you want and go after it with passion.

Faith/ Auto-Suggestion
“Conduct yourself just as you would as if you would if you were ALREADY IN POSSESSION of the material thing you are demanding.”

Hill describes faith as a state of mind rather than a blind belief in a deity. Faith is the result of repetition of thought that ends up a part of your subconscious. Repetition of thought becomes belief. Belief becomes your reality. This is auto-suggestion. False humility causes people to say, “I’m old,” “I’m not talented,” or “I’m a loser.” If you truly believe that, then you will become that.

If you are influenced by the opinions of others, you will have no desire of your own.” Be willing to die for your decision. You know where you are going and nothing can sway you.

Everyone fails but only a few keep pounding. Fight for your dreams. This means getting rid of negative friends or family. Always expect resistance when you go after your goals. The truly successful people are exactly like the rest of us, but the only difference is that they never give up.

The Mastermind
Henry Ford said, “Men take on the nature, habits, and Power of Thought of those which they associate in a spirit of sympathy and harmony.
Get rid of negative people around you. All they do is drag you down to their level of mediocrity. You ego resists people that you may be jealous of. Don’t listen to the ego, be around people that make you step your game up. They will become your mastermind group.

Six Ghosts of Fear
Six Basic fears are: Poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of a loved one, old age, and death.

Shakespeare said, “Nothing is good or bad. Your thoughts make it so.”

We often speak apologetically of ourselves. This false humility simply feeds these fears. Our minds are programmed to be self-defeating. Fight this by loving yourself from the depths of your heart. Create positive thought loops and worry about seeking approval from yourself and no one else.

Learning to reprogram you mind and focus on achieving your goals takes constant practice. Love yourself totally to the point where the only approval you seek is your own. I’m learning how to de-clutter my mind and I improve daily. I practice realistic thinking (not positive thinking) daily in order to eliminate the self-defeating bull-sh*t that I used to have. Believing that you are destined for wealth and greatness is not positive thinking, it’s realistic conviction.

“I’ve got a grind that won’t stop, a hustle won’t quit. Grind like no other I be on some other sh*t.”

-Tip Harris

R. Schulz

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