Saturday, December 24, 2016

Reprogramming Your Subconscious

Based On:

The Art of Mental Training

By DC Gonzalez

Based off of the experiences of a martial artist, Navy pilot, Federal agent, and peak performance coach; DC Gonzalez teaches how to train your mind to gain strength from within.


Having a good attitude helps to achieve control by creating an expectation of success.

 People within our culture convince us to never brag and never talk to yourself because that means you have gone crazy. But champions maintain positive thought loops and positive self-talk.

 Society teaches us that negative and self-defeating thoughts equal humility, but champions eliminate the victim mentality. A champion sees negative setbacks as opportunities.

Gaining the Mental Edge

It’s not just about vision and imagery, but also feeling the emotions associated with success.

Feeling good creates confidence. It’s easy to let your mind focus on what could go wrong, but discipline your mind to see success and feel the emotions that come from success. It takes practice, but it’s better to be disciplined and confident than lazy and miserable.

Learning to Fly Navy Jets

Don’t rush when the pressure’s on. Breath, Pause, and learn to gather yourself-but never, ever, allow yourself to rush your game.

Gonzales talks about his training as a Navy pilot. Instructors put tremendous pressure on students in order to weed out the mentally weak. He advised a fellow student pilot to think thoughts like, “I’m fast, I’m good, I’m focused.” Make it a habit to shut down negative thoughts.

When you feel that someone, like an instructor or a boss, is purposely trying to throw you off of your game; Gonzales explains that you can see person like that as an opponent. Become so focused that your opponent is unable to throw you off your game.

Importance of Self-Belief

When you really believe that you can win, something extremely powerful is set into motion.

See yourself succeeding in your mind continuously and you will improve your ability to believe in yourself. You will be locked in on succeeding when the pressure is on.

Controlling Fear

Inside the eye of a cyclone, there is peace-while outside, the cyclone unleashes all its fury and power.

When we become afraid, we naturally focus on what can go wrong. Champions learn to limit their fear by bringing themselves to the present. Fear is worrying about the future or remembering a past failure. But bring your breathing under control and run towards your fear. Switch thoughts of fear with positive talk and positive images.

Changing Your Mental State

Pretend you’re an actor. Start being a champion. Start hearing the self-talk of that champion. Pretend and feel that you are this champion.

Three keys to change your mental state include:

Self-Talk: Tell yourself that you are strong, fast, dominant, and unstoppable.

Body Movement: Start walking like a cages gladiator ready for battle. Move like a champion ready to defeat your opponent.

Breathing: When we are afraid, we take quick breaths from our chests. When we feel relaxed or powerful we take full breaths from the base of our guts. Breath like a champion.


We give our thoughts the power to control us. As a result, we give in to fear and anxiety. Pretend that you are a champion long enough and you will become one. If you are too lazy to police your negative thoughts, then cause you to become consumed with fear. Become self-disciplined and use your mind to make you a champion.

-R. Schulz

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