Saturday, January 14, 2017

Do Less Achieve More

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Do Less Achieve More

By Chin-Ning Chu

 Fine Tune Your Actions
“Fine-tuning your understanding of what you are willing to give up in order to get what you really want.”

Be willing to give up something in order to get what you truly desire. Will you drop your ego to face criticism? Can you leave your secure job to do what you really want? That’s the difference between the average person and those who are truly successful.  
Trying to control things is like opening the lid of boiling water instead of letting it boil. The more desperately you try to clutch something, the more likely you will lose it. Neediness and trying to control people and things usually kills business deals and even relationships. Be willing to let go of the things that you fear to lose.
Allow yourself to have a definiteness of purpose. Work as if you are charging ahead to get the job done. That cannot be done if you are working a job that you hate. Find the thing that gives you a feeling of purpose. Value excellence by being punctual, true to your word, and by accomplishing the task at hand.

Put Your Mind at Ease
“Every disappointment, every failure, is guiding you in silence to your intended destiny.”

The next time you feel tempted to be jealous of others, remember that they have their own challenges that may be even more difficult than yours. Think of problems as opportunities that life is giving you to show off your problem-solving skills.
True excellence comes when you feel calm and peace. Instead of worrying about the outcome of a process, find the calm within yourself to work with clarity and focus. The more you fear, the more mistakes you will make. Instead, focus on the task, remain in the present moment, and be willing to accept any circumstance. To do this, you must fight against the fear of failure.

Discover Divine Power

“Do not blindly react to a situation, this will rob you of your sense of power and jeopardize your good judgement.”
Instead of reacting to situations, learn restful control. Continuously reacting to things is emotional draining. Think of stressing as if you were draining your bank account. Instead, make deposits full of positive energy.
Remain in the present. By worrying about the future and dwelling on the past, you are destined for misery. Being able to empty your mind through meditation is a tremendous way to free yourself from anxiety. Whatever you do, be present in the moment. That is all that meditation is.

“Train yourself to let go of all that you fear to lose.”

-R. Schulz

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